Waste Collections

Simply choose how many bins and how often you would like them collected, fill out the form, then we'll do everything else!

Other waste collection services are available upon request by calling 07864688177 for a consultation.

Waste Licence Details are here: CBDU370736.

Regular bin collections:

1 Standard Bag (Up to 75ltrs and/or 6kg) £2.50

 Choose either:

Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly

2 Standard Bags £4.00

Choose either:

Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly

3 Standard Bags £6.00

Choose either:

Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly

4 Standard Bags £8.00

Choose either:

Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly

1 Wheelie Bin £15.00 

(Up to 240ltrs and/or 40kg)

Choose either:

Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly

1 Small Euro Bin £40.00 

(Up to 660ltrs and/or 200kg)

Choose either:

Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly

Other Waste Collection Services:

Cardboard / Glass

Tins & Cans / Plastic

Green Waste / Metal

Terms and Conditions:

1. Regular waste collections are made on a Friday morning from 6am unless there are unforeseen circumstances in which case collections will be made on the first possible day afterwards.

2. The first collection will be made after the first direct debit payment has been cleared, which can be between 10 and 14 days after signing up.

3. Wheelie bins and Euro Bins are not supplied unless requested separately under a different agreement.

4. This is a subscription service which you can cancel at any point.  There is no minimum contract length.

5. Where an attempt has been made to collect your waste, but access was not possible due to foreseen circumstances, including, but not limited to, a locked gate or an uncontrolled dog, then the attempt will be billed at the equivalent of one bag of waste.

6. Where less bags have been available to collect than was originally requested, then the number of bags not collected can be carried forward to a later collection except where there was no bags to collect (see 7).

7. Where no bags were available to collect, then the first bag will be charged for with the remainder being carried forward to a future collection.

8. Burst bags will only be collected at the driver's discretion.  The bag's owner will be offered the opportunity to present any refused bags at a later collection date following advice.

9. Waste transfer notes are available upon request.  Commercial premises will be issued with an annual waste transfer certificate.