Today on "From Texas And Beyond!!!

Come get tuned in to KA Radio today and catch "From Texas And Beyond" with THREE 8-hour rotations of NEW featured singles and NEW full-length featured albums by Aaron Watson, Carrie Underwood, Drake Milligan, and RaeLynn!!!

8am-8am Mountain/9am-9am Central all day & night, tune in online and mobile/android at

Celebrating 9 Years!!! #NewFeaturedSingles #NewFeaturedAlbums

Here's the list of featured albums and singles aired during three 8-hour rounds today, the times are also listed below...

Featured albums:

Aaron Watson - Unwanted Man

Carrie Underwood - Denim & Rhinestones

Drake Milligan - Drake Milligan

RaeLynn - Baytown

Featured singles:

Bailey James - The Crow

Bailey James - The Spell

Bailey Rae - Oklahoma Girl

Bob Muggeridge - She Belongs To Me

Brittany Brodie - Man On The Run

Buck T. Edwards - Backwoods Baby

Chief DannyBoy - California Ain't My Home

Chief DannyBoy - Texas Homesick Blues

Christina Taylor - Somebody Will

Christina Taylor - Till The Wheels Fall Off

Gene Keller - Hot – Halfway To Boiling

Jessica Sevier - Confetti

Kamber Cain - Better With You

Katy Topham - The Hurtin' And The Heart

KellyMarie - Timing Right

KellyMarie - Once+

KellyMarie - Us Again

KellyMarie - Exit 17

Lisa Froment - Baby Daddy

Lisa Froment - Overrated

Little Chair - No Forgiveness

Lizzie Cates - Thunder

Lizzie Cates - The Romantic

Maggie Baugh - Seein' Somebody

Scarlett Flynn - Sour In The Sun

Sierra Bernal - A Good Time

Simon Peters - Adios, Farewell, Goodbye, Good Luck, So Long

Steel Ivory - Girls In The Bathroom

Stephen E. Foster - Leland

Terry Penney - Traveling On Those Tracks

Round 1:

8am-4pm Mountain, 9am-5pm Central, 3pm-11pm UK

Round 2:

4pm-12am Mountain, 5pm-1am Central, 11pm-7am UK

Round 3 (Sunday):

12am-8am Mountain, 1am-9am Central, 7am-3pm UK

For timezones not listed, just ask for the times.


-Lochlann Green

"From Texas And Beyond"

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