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Updated: May 21

The start of Year #9 of "From Texas And Beyond" continues TODAY on KA Radio with THREE 8-hour rotations of NEW featured singles and NEW full-length featured albums by Chayce Beckham, Dustin Lynch, Jason Aldean, and Midland!!! 8am-8am Mountain/9am-9am Central all day & night, tune in online and mobile/android at #NewFeaturedSingles #NewFeaturedAlbums

Here's the list of featured albums and singles aired during three 8-hour rounds today, the times are also listed below...

Featured albums:

Chayce Beckham - Doin' It Right

Dustin Lynch - Blue In The Sky

Jason Aldean – Georgia

Midland - The Last Resort: Greetings From

Featured singles:

American Blonde – Dust On My Wings

Andrea Castro – Paranoia

Andrew Dean and The Farm Machine - Country Time

Annemarie Picerno - I Thank God For This Moment (feat. Matt Barfield)

Bob Stetson – Loneliness

Bob Stetson - Empty House

Bob Stetson - Come Back Darling

Brea Lawrenson - As Far As Dreaming Goes

Brea Lawrenson - Last Call Romeo

Brian McGuire – When The Morning Comes Early

Brittany Brodie - Not My Business

Damian Wyldes - Still (feat. Kitt Wakeley)

Hailey Whitters - Raised

Jessica Smucker - Stones To Throw

Jessica Smucker - Phoenix

Joshua Stephen - Lose It (feat. Nathan Shoemaker & Maddison Livingston)

Katrina Swift - I Walk The Earth

Krissy Feniak - Far From Home

Little Chair – NoHo

Maddison Livingston - Birds And The Bees

Maren Morris – Circles Around This Town

Mikalyn Hay - Ready To Love You

Norm Brunet - She Forgot That

Pioneer Falls – Wheels On My Ride

Rob Kirkham And Neon Rain – I Never Needed Anyone (‘Til I Wanted You)

Samantha LaPorta – Put Your Hand In Mine

Tenille Townes – When’s It Gonna Happen

The Acoustic Bruh (Grant Collinsworth) – This House Of Glass

Xoe Miles - In My Head

Round 1:

8am-4pm Mountain, 9am-5pm Central, 3pm-11pm UK

Round 2:

4pm-12am Mountain, 5pm-1am Central, 11pm-7am UK

Round 3 (Sunday):

12am-8am Mountain, 1am-9am Central, 7am-3pm UK

For timezones not listed, just ask for the times.


-Lochlann Green

"From Texas And Beyond"

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